Dr. Roach: Clearing up a case of shingles treatment | Lubbock Online Mobile Edition

Dr. Roach: Clearing up a case of shingles treatment | Lubbock Online Mobile Edition.


Grandala Square Tutorial!!!

Magic Ring Tutorial ~0:-)

Crochet with Raymond

Hello Lovely People!

I hope you’re all having a wonderfully relaxing or exciting weekend!  *YAWN*  I’m completely knackered today after a couple of days of work and lots of hours essay writing!  It’s mid-afternoon and I’m craving a strong coffee and carrot cake… but I’m being completely restrained and drinking a hot lemon and ginger and eating an apple (boring).  I know if I have a coffee I’ll be awake all night and need 4 to get me started in the morning, then the sleep will get out of whack and all of a sudden I’ll be a jittery mess!  Raymond and I are trying to relax, him in front of the heater and me in front of my laptop.  It’s a crazy windy day here, my house is shaking like it’s about to blow off the side of the hill I live.

Thank you so much, you lovely ones who sent messages…

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“A Different Kind Of Virtuoso”

…a different kind of virtuoso


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DAVID GARRETT – Birthday Tribute – HD – Video Dailymotion

DAVID GARRETT – Birthday Tribute – HD – Video Dailymotion.


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